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I can kind of see the privacy issue and like Gem has pointed out you are only supposed to check your own but I am gonna check my ex's it wouldn't be the first time he has driven without insurance and he is hardly going to admit it to me if it isn't and he could have my kids in his car sooner or later call me nosey but it involves my kids!. For proof of liability insurance coverage for a fleet and self-insured vehicle as well as vehicles registered in Georgia under the IRP. A certificate of self-insurance issued by the  Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner  must accompany a self-insured insurance information card for the card to be acceptable proof of insurance coverage. I can appreciate none of us want uninsured drivers on the road but I don't think this site is very reliable which could lead to allsorts of problems..
...would anyone like it if someone took it upon themselves to check your car and then reported you or took action because it says uninsured when in fact you are insured..


.. It i a PRIVATE matter between you and your consunce,there should not be a website that anybody can just look up your insurance,it is in my opinion only for the police to do check to see if my car is insured. If you think you are insured then you will need to contact your insurance company car rescue insurance.

check to see if my car is insured for free

Go on to ebay or such like and find a CAT D or C car check to see if my car is insured for free. Note down the reg on the pictures and put it into the autotrader website to see for yourself. Works only for most cars, not vans or anything else. Purely cars. Its a good site andie but it doesnt work for me or oh car and may not work in wales or scotland either but thanks for sharing it .

Signifies extensive damage, although some parts are salvageable. Should never re-appear on road. As I said even the Police Data Base isn't fool proof so I doubt this website is. Copyright © 2016 HotUKDeals cart insurance. All rights reserved. Pepper Deals Ltd. Registered in England and Wales. HotUKDeals All Deals Vouchers Freebies Ask Freebies Ask Competitions For Sale / Trade Misc Feedback Lightning Deals. Contact at Moneysupermarket House, St David's Park, Ewloe, Flintshire, CH5 3UZ. © Ltd 2013. Here’s a way to get hot under the collar. Think about the fact that, every time you fork out for your car insurance, you’re paying around £30 more than you need to precisely because of the cost of funding the damage caused by uninsured drivers. Its a good site andie but it doesnt work for me or oh car and may not work in wales or scotland either but thanks for sharing it.

check to see if my car is still insured

Use the MID to check your vehicle has valid insurance and the insurance details of other parties involved after a road traffic accident. Some of Your Major Responsibilities as a Licensed Motor Vehicle Dealer. I KNOW MY VAN IS INSURED nc53kfw but I’ve not got any paperwork or email from them so finding it impossible to trace and cancel please help. Its a good site andie but it doesnt work for me or oh car and may not work in wales or scotland either but thanks for sharing it. Find your Regional Service Center Abilene Amarillo Austin Beaumont Corpus Christi Dallas El Paso Fort Worth Houston Longview Lubbock Midland-Odessa Pharr San Antonio Waco Wichita Falls check to see if my car is still insured. hi 21stcentury the thing you need to remember is the police are only doing their job there is no need to fear them.i know it can be a daugnting and scary experiance but the more nervous you are the more they will think your up to no good so you end up your own worst enemy.if you become arsey then that will only escillate the problem remember they are human to with families and children and wives :). These were introduced in 2011 in a bid to stop the growing problem of uninsured drivers – and they have actually caught out quite a few innocent motorists in the process.

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The high cost of insuring a car or other vehicle can be off-putting. It’s no excuse for being uninsured, but it’s undoubtedly a problem in a lot of cases. LOL i just found the bit your talking about.. and i am insured. I guess that change was to allow this system to be workable otherwise everyone could take out comprehensive insurance on a low insurance group car and drive their real car that's at a much higher group using the third party cover provided rather than being a named driver . It should be very accurate seeing as it's a EU requirement for all insurers to update that database insurance for custom cars. So either Elephant forgot (no pun intended) or maybe if it's a recent policy there's a bit of a delay in them processing the paperwork. 'You will get caught' warning as 118,500 uninsured vehicles seized from roads. Becoming an instructor, applying for licences, booking tests and rules.

check to see if car is insured