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Travel’s all about the experience. And sometimes things don’t go as planned. Here’s one traveller’s. Save on Auto Insurance with National General Insurance Low Mileage Discounts offered exclusively to OnStar Subscribers Learn More.

Good to Go Insurance also offers multiple payment options to manage your expenses better. The available payment plans are: probably the best payment plan. It allows you to pay low down-payment and spread the premium fee into 12 months installments. With low upfront payment, you have your coverage ready without spending too much.

a one-time payment upfront which carries 31% discount off the premium. Travel Insurance Partners For over 50 years, we’ve helped insurance professionals like you grow their businesses. And together with these partners, we insure millions of travellers for rental car protection insurance . It’s worth it to sell TuGo Travel Insurance!. Travel Insurance Partners For over 50 years, we’ve helped insurance professionals like you grow their businesses direct insurance high point nc. And together with these partners, we insure millions of travellers for rental car protection insurance . It’s worth it to sell TuGo Travel Insurance!. Good2Go has the car insurance information you need to make an informed decision about what sort of policy is best for you.

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Complaint I called to get insurance on 1/3/14 read the policy no longer interested called to cancel on 1/3/14 told the CS dept was closed to call back at 9 am online vehicle insurance renewal. I had my mother call to get me set up with auto insurance she went on line and found this company after talking to ******** she agreed sign me up with them, ******** said that she would electronically send the documents via email to sign. Once we received those me and my mother went over them and 1. Noticed they were based in Atlanta,GA and 2 there was going to be a lot of fees associated with this in order to be billed $11. Then we read the coverage and called back to ask some additional questions the CS rep that we got on the phone couldn't answer our questions so she went and go a supervisor name ***** her code is *** my mother spoke to her after I gave her permission to she answered the questions that my mother asked her and they hung up. Me and my mother discussed what they had spoke about and we reached the agreement that this was not the policy for me this was on 1/3/2014 at about 6:30 pm so I asked my mom to call back and cancel the policy because I wanted on that was in the area so that if I had a problem or anything I would be able to go to the office and speak to someone. My mother called back and spoke with **** he listen to why we wanted to cancel and said he would transfer us over to the CS department because he just handled sales then he said well they are closed now they closed at 7:30 so you will have to call them first thing in the morning on 1/4/14 and they will be able to cancel it for you. We called at 9:05 that morning and spoke to ******* by this time it had been maybe 14 hours since taking out the policy which we DIDN'T SIGN that we wanted to cancel she tells my mother that she has to speak with me so I talk to her to cancel the policy at this time she said there will be a fee of 10% to cancel I gave the phone to my mother and she tells her that and my mother tells her that they didn't discuss a cancelation fee nor was it in the policy and that we wanted a full refund, she then canceled the policy and put acting supervisor on the phone which was ***** code *** because she didn't want to give us her last name and ***** *** said that we wouldn't be getting a refund back because the coverage was immediate it's said in the Binder agreement that the insurer or the company could cancel the policy no where in there does it mention fees for cancelation ***** agrues that the fee will stand of $123.43 I told her it had not bee 24 hours we didn't want the coverage and that we had not used the policy and that we DIDN'T SIGN it so I wanted a full refund she said that was not going to happen and that she had nothing else to say and then she hung up. I had my mother call back since she had been dealing with all of this and then she spoke to a lady in the sales department about the situation and the lady we didn't get her name but she said she would speak to them about this and see if 1.

They could reinstate the policy for 30 days if they were not going to refund the money, she said she would have one of them give me a call back and I asked if she could call me back because I had a bad experience with the two of them and she said that she will give us a call back and we didn't hear back from them. Desired Settlement I would like to get a full refund they were not trust worthy once I read the policy it didn't cover what we wanted and it was out of state which we didn't know thats why we didn't sign it and wanted to cancel it immediately had they discussed the fees in the contract or over the phone about canceling then we wouldn't have got to this point because we would have known what to expect and that they were out of state and had billing fees for being out of state then we wouldn't have considered them. I am asking for a full refund because I am on disability and can't afford to lose that amount of money and still need to purchase insurance pay my bills, and eat if I loose that money so can you please see if I can get a full refund being that I will have no other income until next month and I can't afford to be without insurance. I didn't sign anything and it was canceled before 24 hours nor did they disclose any type of cancelation fees before hand so that we could make an informed dicision before paying for a service that wasn't used. Business Response We have contacted the insured ******* ****** who advised the policy could be flat cancelled effective 1/3/2014 (same day policy went into effect). The cancel date has been amended fromm 1/4/2014 to 1/3/2014, the full payment of $138 has been credited back the card used to start the policy.

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Study from the AA places average rates for men drivers aged 17 to 22 at more - having to pay just for the miles a person drive may help car users control that cost. Good2Go Offers Cheap Car Insurance Online and Low Monthly Payments go go car insurance. Homeowners Insurance Renters Insurance Liability Insurance Flood Insurance. The good news? Some insurers are revolutionizing the way you pay for auto insurance with Pay-As-You-Go insurance lvic budget car insurance. These mileage discount programs base your auto insurance premiums on miles driven - so if you drive less, you save more.

S. Complaint I began a policy with the company in early August 2013 which would not start coverage until August 19. I was set up for 11 monthly payments after the initial payment for a 12 month policy. The fist payment as always was a little more because of start up fees, ok fine that should still cover the fist month's premium.

Ok whatever I had until October 19 to get new insurance. Now a third payment which should have been the premium for October 19 to November 18 was taken out. Now this isn't right my policy will be cancelled by then by underwriting. I should be entitled to my money back as I will no longer be covered per the company. After fighting to even talk to a supervisor I was treated like.

Does not make sense. I should be entitled to that money back to put towards having to obtain a new policy with another company. Horrible horrible horrible!!!! Product_Or_Service: Auto insurance Account_Number: XXXXXXX Desired Settlement I need my last payment of $76 refunded in full. It was not my choice to cancel the policy so I should not be penalized for it. Business Response I have reviewed the policy and once the policy cancels on 10/19/13 for underwriting a refund will generate for $76.00.

****** credit card or mailed to her via a check. Ms. ******'s policy started 8/19/13 and issued as a 12 month policy to expire 8/19/14. The premium for the year was $782.

14 (783/12=2.14). The policy is scheduled to cancel 10/19/13 thus affording 61 days of coverage. The total premium charged for those days equal $131 (2.14x61= 130.

To this a total of $54 in fees were assessed (policy fee $15/deposit fee $12/credit card fee $3/and 2 reoccurring cards fees @ 12 each). The total charge for coverage including fees from 8/19/13 to 10/19/13 is $185. Ms. ****** made 3 payments totaling $261. Once the policy cancels on 10/19/13 it will generate a refund for $76.00 (last payment which posted on policy). Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.).

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Cheap but ok A cheap no thrills approach so contacting them can be a nightmare...but ok if you never need to speak to your insurance company!.
Please email me with your policy details to and we'll look into this for you. Thank you, Go Girl team. Never mind the Brexit gloom merchants - the prospects for the City look as bright as ever go go girl insurance. We left it, so we could discuss our options, but promised to get back to them within the week . They gave us three choices. You can pay for your car insurance in full by credit or debit card. You can also choose to spread the cost by paying an initial 20% deposit by credit or debit card and the remainder by 10 direct debit instalments. If you pay by monthly instalments, interest will be charged at an annual percentage rate (APR) of 24.9% and you must set up a direct debit mandate using your bank details.

You can choose to pay off any remaining instalments immediately or continue paying instalments directly from your bank on a monthly basis. It may also be possible for us to deduct any outstanding balance from your claim settlement. Motor Legal Expenses Insurance – Policy Wording and Key Facts auto insurance coverages. Lee Boyce, consumer affairs editor at This is Money, replies:. 2015 Go Girl.

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Do not be surprised, we’re explaining a NORMAL situation, we are not even considering any death; unfortunately, there are 6,000 deaths a year on our roads. In many states, DUI conviction sticks to your record for at least three years. For those who have to drive daily, reacquiring coverage is an immediate necessity. Good to Go Insurance understands the situation and provides the appropriate coverage to get you back on the road.

Save on Auto Insurance with National General Insurance Low Mileage Discounts offered exclusively to OnStar Subscribers Learn More. If you need help with the quote process, or managing your policy, here's how to get in touch with a Good2Go representative. Call 1-855-MINIMO1 (1-855-646-4661), 24 hours a day, 7-days a week. Want to save hundreds on auto insurance each year? All you need to do is sign up for the Low-Mileage Discount. Your gateway to savings is just a few clicks away. Just give us your details below and we’ll give you a quote in minutes!. Pay-As-You-Go Insurance: A New Way to Save Money on Auto Insurance dancers insurance.

(Term: ). Purchasing non-standard auto insurance is not the ideal choice for everyone. Being high risk means you have to pay more for coverage. But Good to Go Insurance has the solution by providing discounts and payment plan to help you manage your expenditure.