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The answer that I received was that I would not be covered in any of the above cases what is freight insurance. Skinned Knuckles , a magazine dedicated to the authentic restoration of cars and trucks and to the preservation of vehicles from the brass era through the early 1970s. It is available by subscription only. Articles are copyrighted and all rights are reserved; reprinting is authorized by written permission of the publisher only. is filled with articles and features on the restoration and maintenance of classic automobiles.

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jc taylor classic car insurance reviews

After being with American Collector's Insurance for 27 years, I recieved a check from this company saying they were canceling my policy car insurance in texas.  they gave me no notice at all.  when I called, they said they canceled me due to non-payment.  ok, so if its true that I didn't, then why did they refund me $150.

 they claim they mailed me a notice, but didn't mail it certified or with confirmation of recieving.  when asked why I didn't get a phone call or email, I was told yhat don't do that.  this is an extremely unprofessional company.they dont care about their customers.  because of their neglect, i could have had a total loss with my car.  avoid this company at all costs.  you could lose everthing due to their horrible  business practice and customer service.  am reporting them to the California Insurance Burea. Best for Owners of classic cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles and motorsports vehicles jc taylor classic car insurance reviews.