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I have a FZR1000 (145hp) insurance with theft is 1200 bucks a year here:.

The additional cost on insurance removes any savings incentive to using a motorcycle for travel as a replacement to a car. I have been driving a motorcycle for over 30 years, never had an incident and pay the equivalent of a car for liability… I can’t even consider any other coverage as it is cost prohibitive. 3 weeks new to BC. After the initial shock of how registration is linked to insurance & the (so far) 5 1/2 hours it took to transfer a van & cargo trailer from out of province, I purchased a Can Am Spyder.

1) When I was 19 I bought a 2004 Kawa Ninja 500, thinking a 500 would be great to learn on and insure. I went to a few insurance companies trying to get the best rate (not a monopoly in Ontario but more expensive). What I discovered is in Ontario they charge for the full twelve months up front, no 3 or 6 month plan. The total for basic liability was $3800 for the year.

You cannot pay for the year, then in October cancel the policy and collect the refund, as they charge you 75% – 90 % cancellation fee. Money on, business auto policy is flat-out the best ways to activate these coverages. i've only had my licence and bike for three years and beacon has insured me from day 1. I’m moving to Surrey from Ontario and found this site while trying to get on line quotes.

thats worth my time and money.Thanx for the input guys. No additional premium to include damage to sails & spars while racing. Ok everyone go insure. I totally agree that ICBC sucks. how do we as a whole put a stop to the theft of ICBC?? IF there is a way, im IN!. before you can post: click the register link above to proceed . To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below.

motorcycle insurance in bc rates

With the displacement of the Ulysses, I expected to get hosed anyways motorcycle insurance in bc rates... you can by an extension on you basic coverage to double your part 7. For my 09 250 (with my 15% discount I think) I was quoted for $1305 for 6 months insurance companies in philadelphia area. Feels like a little steep for a 250 and a rider with no accidents. Can any other 250 riders compare their insurance rates to this?. @ New Rider .
Something morally wrong with that. ;D. Who qualifies as a supervisor when getting a motorcycle licence? Does the supervisor have to be on a motorcycle when they're supervising?. [–] LancerFIN 1 year ago   (0 children) permalink save give gold . No tickets for 10 ,I ride a 07 610 husky and icbc wanted 1600 for 6 months:flip. $250 a year for 2 bikes, $1 million 3rd party liability.
So, Bob…how do you feel about Afro-Americans and Aboriginal peoples?. If you ensure for a number of months (as most riders do since they're not riding in the winter) you pay a surcharge, as per schmii's post above. Well I came from the UK last year with a clean history and letters showing I had at least 12 years of claims free riding and ICBC gave me a 43% discount. This is standard and is shown on their website and any Autoplan broker will tell you this. Btw, it doesn't have to be 12 years, you can show as little as you've got and you'll get a discount albeit smaller of course. Personal Property Coverage: $500 coverage to repair or replace personal contents stolen from your vehicle (does not include items that are permanently attached to your vehicle). To slow you down and effectively reduce injury claims. My car insurance was going to go from like $500 per 6 months to $1300 just off of location change. I can see your point with the 50/50 thing.... LOL But, definitely, the false claims out there make the honest people suffer.... and hard. im 41 been driving since I was old enough to, 1 accident that was my fault, in a car. My basic there was $2700.

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The motorcycle insurance is astronomical there too, untill you "grow old and settle down", then you get a much better deal. We offer a flexible underwriting facility with the authority to make decisions and issue policies on behalf of some of Canada’s leading insurers and Lloyd’s Underwriters. 24 year old male with MSF course and multi-vehicle discount and I am at $610 a year for my 05 Ninja ZX6R. This is PLPD and Fire/Theft. Not bad.

They are:. I am paying $266 a year for full coverage with a $100 deductible on comprehensive (theft) and a $1000 deductible on collision. This is through Progressive for USAA members and I have a discount for being an MSF instructor. Anyone from B .C.

BCAA steers you through the many coverage options to find the best plan for you. I'm a new learner (20 years old) and have been giving the thought about buying one. I have many worries and hope anybody could give me some.. [–] Karnman 1 year ago   (4 children) permalink save parent give gold. Also to add, i've only been riding/licensed(on no G licence at all) for 2 years medipak insurance. '12 Ducati Streetfighter 848, Husqvarna 511 SMR, '12 BMW S1000RR. If you take a course then Megson's rates drop. More experience and no tickets also brings it down.
IF you are self employed, or do NOT have extended benefits, then you are stuck surviving solely on the part 7 benefits provided by ICBC. Apparently you can buy additional insurance, to increase those benefits. Probably a good idea if you have no personal insurance policies to cover yourself. Ralph didn't know he could shop online for motorcycle insurance.

[–] Zed03 1 year ago   (2 children) permalink save give gold. There are a wide variety of companies claiming to offer the cheapest insurance . Quotations will depend on individual circumstances. Examples of compa..

Read More ». Membership Member Savings Insurance Auto Service Evo Car Share Travel Road safety cheapest motorcycle insurance in bc. Just as is the case in Ontario, experts say rampant fraud is the main reason for sky-high BC insurance rates. Other factors that contribute to BC’s steep premiums include strict mandatory minimum liability regulations and generous accident benefits laws.

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Now the private insurers in this province (Canadian Direct, etc) only take the cream of the crop of drivers private motorcycle insurance in bc. If you've had 1 accident in last 5yrs or whatever they won't insure you. So ICBC loses the gravy money. Yesterday in the mail I get a letter saying this year it's going to cost me $6300 for my insurance!! with $1000 deductable. no joke, for this one stupid minor incident. who the hell can afford that?? That's criminal.
Even if I was in the wrong, there is no logical reason for it to tripple. Not like I'm paying it anyways. I'm going to write ICBC a letter and tell them their company is a disgrace. And they can move me closer to the top of their blacklist for all I fucking care.
$1,000 limit for trailer / truck deck  (can be increased for an additional premium). considering i just had to deal with them due to some bitch who nailed my fancy cager while she wasn't looking...

. No matter if some one searches for his necessary thing, so he/she desires to be available that in detail, thus insurance for nursing students. Multi-Vehicle discount: save 10% when you insure two or more vehicles with BCAA Advantage Auto. To get a private insurance quote for your motorcycle, click here:. approx $500 for all perils (private) $1000 deductable. glad u were able to get coverage with MF. That being said we were at a condo meeting the other night and one of the owners works at an insurance company as an underwriter, and one of the owners asked, why can't we just deal with you directly and cut Paul out of the picture.

..when a claim goes wrong who's there for you. Some time ago I had a client who's outboard motor was stolen off his boat in the underground.
When they stole the motor the cut all the controls wich were valued at probably about $2000 after install. The adjuster's attitude was sorry the controls are not part of the motor and therefore no coverage applies. I in turn went to the senior management and asked them (or argued if you like) how could you possibly run a 75hp ob without controls and steering. By the time the dust settled they bucked up about $2000 extra to make it right.

He would have paid about $50 less but again what sort of savings is that. This is just one of the reasons why dealing with an independent broker has extra value. - 8 months Would be nice to get private insurance. .

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This bike had about 1200 km and was only driven on road, and was looked after by an auto mechanic that was meticulous about his bikes. He had already done two oil changes, tightened all the fasteners on it and the bike did not have a mark on it. It was mint. Each of these private motorycle insurance companies provides different coverages and different rates. They also have their own requirements as to who they will insure.

But if you are a 30 year old driver with years of experience riding and a nice cruiser, they will probably love to insure you. By denying coverage to risky riders, the private motorcycle insurance company is able to pass the savings on to you, the safe riders!. I've got one friend who is treated very well with Beacon Insurance,,,and another buddy who does well by Chutter Insurance. Also, Coast Capital Insurance. Beacon Underwriting Ltd - Langley - phone number, website & address - BC - Insurance Consultants insurance electronics.

I'm not a big fan of BCOM. They seem to still have this mantra going on to have free choice on the use of helmets, and while officially not supporting it, I always seem to get this 'loud pipes save lives' crap coming out of some of the members. I'll give them the benefit of the dought on whether they had any denefit on getting bikes into the pace lanes on the highways. And the parking issues I don't give a shit as I don't go into downtown Vancouver to park my bike so much any more.
The additional cost (over and above basic registration) to get the same level of coverage for both bikes during the riding months and then theft/storage during the off-season would have totaled around $750. So, I'm 27, with a decent record. How much will it be to insure my bike for a year? 2 grand?. Get a 'Collector Plate' for it.