HIGH RATE OF RETURN, ACCESS TO ACCUMULATION VALUE, FOR ANY REASON, IN ANY AMOUNT.  ALWAYS IN YOUR BEST INTEREST. Researching investment options and still avoiding the commitment? We understand your hesitations …. The investments backing up the annuities we sell are composed primarily of bonds and preferred stocks. 97.

The investment maturities are closely matched to the maturity of our liabilities, which provides a low level of risk to the client. The efficacy of this matching is measured using “cash flow testing,” which shows the company’s projected ability to withstand various interest rate scenarios, and therefore indicates financial strength. Once again this year, BLIC passed all 108 scenarios, meaning we have sufficient capital to meet all of our obligations even in the worst of possible market conditions. To further mitigate investment risks, BLIC has established partnerships with investment advisors and reinsurers.
If you are confined for ninety consecutive days or more in a residential care or skilled nursing facility, you may withdraw up to 50% of the cash value with zero withdrawal charge. TODAY’S RATES:  SPDA-5 2 www.bankerslifeinsurance.com.

90%  |  SPDA Select 2.85%  |  Interest Plus+ 3.75%. If you are entrepreneurial and driven, and are searching for a dynamic, innovative company where you can make a contribution, Bankers Financial Corporation is the place for you. Your beneficiary may choose a lump sum or periodic payments, with no withdrawal charges.

TODAY’S RATES:  SPDA-5 2.80%  |  SPDA-7 2.90%  |  SPDA Select 2.85%  |  Interest Plus+ 3.75%.

But one thing is for sure: it's easier to plan when you know exactly what your income will be. With the Single Premium Immediate Annuity from Bankers Life Insurance Company, choose when you get paid a guaranteed amount, either for a set number of years, or for the rest of your life. Our SPIA lets you customize how often and how much your payments are. Select payments to keep you on course and receive annuity income monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. The future starts now. Earn commissions daily, receive full customer support from our home office and access calculators, marketing materials and agent forms online.

.. With the SPDA-7 tax-deferred, interest bearing annuity, you'll enjoy a 7-year guaranteed rate. Unlike a CD, your principal earns interest, your interest earns interest and the money you would have paid in tax earns interest.